MMDC is changing!

If you’ve been paying close attention recently you will see that my blog is evolving.  I have had to make a few changes.

It's official, I have business cards! How do you like them?

It’s official, I have business cards! How do you like them?

I love blogging and want to keep doing it, so recently I have been having a think about how it can make a bit of money to start covering my materials costs and time investment (e.g. for patterns which are complicated and those which require multiple sizes, which I won’t make myself, like my chevron stripes sweater).

So, I have taken the decision to put adverts back on my site.  I know, everybody hates ads!  But this seems like a good way to keep my site cost free to you, my readers.  I had been exploring the option of selling my crochet patterns, particularly as setting up selling my beaded poppy bracelet pattern (for charity) turned out to be less hassle than I expected.  That’s something I may look into in the future but for now I am planning on seeing how well the adverts pay!

Putting the adverts on required a change of theme, so how do you like my new look?  Would you prefer I got rid of ads and charged for patterns instead (I’d still blog about what I’ve been making)?  Would you consider paying for patterns?  Did you even notice the adverts?

I’d love to know your thoughts.


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