Lacy Candle Holders

When I was rooting around looking for jars to refill the other day (see my Teacup Candles post) I discovered I had saved a few more than I had wax to fill.  I had recently been given a whole bag of old lace curtains so wondered if there was a crafty way to make these holders a bit more interesting.

Lacy Candle Holders

I cut a piece of lace out for each one and then cellotaped it to fix it around the top and the bottom.  I’ll admit it, this took a bit of time for the slopy sided holder as I ended up making a template. When cellotaping I tried to make sure that it was even all the way round for a neat edge, which almost worked!  Then I sprayed with a few coats of spray paint, waited for it all to dry and then peeled off the tape and lace.

Making the template

Cutting the right shape of lace

Ready for spraypaint!

Overall this worked out better than I thought and I may try it again with some different colours when I get around to buying more spraypaint.  I think white would look prettier than black, or it could be a cool way of tying your candle holder into a room’s colour scheme.  After all I still have lots of lace left!

Lacy Candle Holders


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