Crochet Pattern Notes

Pattern Notation

I use standard American terminology in my patterns:

ch chain
sc single crochet (UK double crochet)
hdc half double crochet (UK half treble crochet)
dc double crochet (UK treble crochet)
tr treble crochet (UK double treble crochet)
dtr double treble crochet (UK triple treble crochet)
sl-st slip stitch (UK single crochet or slip stitch)
fsc foundation single crochet (UK foundation double crochet)

Pattern Policy

I am happy for any patterns posted on this blog to be used to make physical items for sale.  Please credit my site where possible (e.g. if you sell on etsy or similar).  This does not extend to the sale of the patterns themselves (pdf or printed copies) which may not be sold.

Please do not reproduce my patterns elsewhere online but do provide a link back to the pattern instead.  The exception to this is translations from English to another language – if you wish to translate a pattern then I am happy for you to do so as long as you provide a link to my site, and credit me as the designer.  I would also like to provide a link to your translation for my readers who would find that helpful – so do let me know if you have made a translation.

All the patterns I post are my own work or very occasionally adaptations of other freely available patterns (in which case I will always provide a link to the original source and explain why I have adapted the pattern).

Any questions?  Please leave me a comment below!


25 thoughts on “Crochet Pattern Notes

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    • Hi Hazel! No stupid questions here. Fsc (or Fdc in uk terms) is foundation single crochet (or foundation double crochet in uk terms). It makes a chain and a row of single crochet in one row! The reason it is used is that it produces a stretchy foundation row, which is good for necklines in particular. But if you are struggling, you can make a chain and then single crochet into it instead. There are lots of good YouTube videos on how to do it. Hope that helps!

  2. I’m making the Summer Sprigs Lace Scarf and I’m struggling with row 2. It just doesn’t work so I may have made an error in row 1. I would love to see a photo of these beginning rows so I can figure out how it’s supposed to look

  3. Hey! I’m about to start working on your three season sweater and I was wondering how I would make the sleeves longer? This is going to be the second sweater I’ve made and the first chevron I’ve ever done and I don’t want to risk losing the waves.

  4. Thank you for your tutorial, I have been crocheting for about 45 years and people says that I am a master but I learn something every day and now especially with access to the enter net ,it’s wonderfull.

  5. do you have any tutorials that I can watch? I am new at this and would love to make some EASY hearts to give to my children I work with.

  6. I made 4 trellis baskets and run into the same problem. After coming around to the beginning of the first part of the trellis bottom I cannot connect the last part evenly. There is a gap and I have to improvise. It does not do justice to this beautiful basket. HELP!!!!

    • Hi Pat! I’m not sure which of the two patterns you are making – but have you watched the video and made sure your stitch count is correct before starting and when finishing the round? It sounds like you are miscounting somewhere.

  7. Lovely pattern, thankyou for sharing; I have been doing crochet for many years but usually keep to fairly basic stitches but this looks really easy so I will try it later when I have enough homespun yarn :)

  8. I am doing the butterfly scarf and from the looks of your picture it looks a little different from the pattern unless I am doing something wrong
    It seems like you have a lot more v’s than 9

    Another question it says start with white but in the picture it has a row of black and purple first?

    • Hi Jordan. There are 10 V’s – make one then repeat 9 more times = 10. This doesn’t count the end stitches/turning chain! You start with the white (then swith to grey, then back to white) and then add the purple ends on after, following with the grey trim right at the end. They are flared so there are more V’s at the ends. It is designed this way so that the ends look the same because the V’s are actually a one way pattern. Hope that helps! :)

  9. Thanks for the heart pattern; and thanks for the chart of UK/USA usage. Love your patterns. I’ve been looking for a pattern for a snowflake/medallion thing from the 60s (you are probably too young!) that was in a small 5X8 green booklet for years now. Lost the booklet, lost the pattern. It was a rather solid pattern with points. If that sounds familiar, perhaps you could post. I see patterns for snowflakes all the time, but not the one!

  10. Hi, are you still operating this site by chance? If so, I could really use your help. I am trying to find a pattern that is linked back to your page (but I can’t seem to find it anywhere) & I really want to make it for my grandmother for Christmas. Thanks.

    • Hi Jessica, try the search bar and that should find it for you if it is one of my patterns! Otherwise I would suggest you try pinterest which is good for finding original patterns if it isn’t one of mine.

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