Passion Flower Doily

Pretty Passion Flower Doily - free pattern in dk weight yarn

Pretty Passion Flower Doily – free pattern in dk weight yarn

I managed to scare my husband a little with this project.  Along with most men he is doily averse.  As it grew I could see him eyeing it up and looking worried.  In fairness, there is plenty of crochet around the home already without me covering all available surfaces with doilies!

This was actually made with a specific project in mind – i.e. this fab clutch, the details and pattern for which I will be sharing next week.  So he needn’t have worried, because I haven’t made something else to dust around, and I just got a new clutch bag for free!

Doily flap on leather clutch bag :)

Doily flap on leather clutch bag :)

I tried a couple of patterns on Ravelry but was having issues with them not coming out flat (even the one designed in dk weight yarn), so I gave up and just designed my own.  The middle reminds me of passion flowers, hence the name.

The finished doily is about 17cm across (I haven’t blocked this – I didn’t want drape for the project I’ve used it for).  If you prefer a smaller size, e.g. for coasters, you can finish at round 7 or 9 instead.

Scroll down for pdf patterns! (US and UK notation)


  • Dk yarn – I used Sirdar Snuggly Whispers dk (100% Bamboo).  I estimate less than half a ball – 25g or around 40m.
  • Size 4mm hook


The pattern is worked in the round.  Begin with a magic ring.

R1: Ch3 (counts as dc+1ch), *dc, ch1, repeat from * 5 more times, join with a sl-st into 2nd ch (7 ch sps)

R2: Ch2 (counts as dc), ch3, *dc into next dc, ch3, repeat from* 5 more times, join with a sl-st (7 ch sps)

R3: ch1 (counts as sc), ch7, *sc into next dc, ch7, repeat from * 5 more times, join into 1st ch with a sl-st (7 ch-7 sps)

R4: Ch3 (counts as tr), *(dc, hdc, sc into ch-sp), sl-st into central ch of ch7-sp (i.e. the 4th ch), (sc, hdc, dc) into same ch-sp, tr into next sc, repeat from * 6 more times, but miss the final tr and instead join with a sl-st into the top of the first ch3 (56 sts).

R5: Ch1 (counts as sc), 6sc, *(2sc), 7sc, repeat from * 5 more times, sc into the 1st st and join to ch1 with a sl-st (63 sts)

R6: Ch2 (counts as dc), sk2sts, *(dc, ch2, dc) into next st, sk2sts, repeat from * around, dc into 1st st, ch2 and join with a sl-st (21V-sts)

R7: *3sc in next ch2-sp, sc between the v-sts, repeat from * around, 3 sc in final ch2-sp, sl-st to join (84sts)

R8: Ch2 (counts as dc) Ch3, sk 3 sts, *dc, ch3, sk3 sts, repeat from * around, join into starting ch with a sl-st (21 ch sps)

R9: (sc, hdc, 3dc, hdc, sc into each ch-sp around, join with a sl-st (147 sts)

R10: sl-st 3 times.  Ch1 (counts as sc), *ch5, sk 6 sts, sc (in middle dc of the 3dc group in R9), repeat from * around, join in the starting ch1 with a sl-st (21 ch 5 spaces)

R11: *sk2 ch, 7 dc in next ch, sk2 ch, sl-st in next st, repeat from * around.

Fasten off and weave in ends.  Block if desired.

Pretty Passion Flower Doily - free pattern in dk weight yarn

Pretty Passion Flower Doily – free pattern in dk weight yarn

Watch out for my clutch bag pattern coming up next week for a way to use this design!

Downloadable pdf patterns:
Passion Flower Doily US

Passion Flower Doily UK


36 thoughts on “Passion Flower Doily

  1. Beautiful! I have one question – the pat says: “Ch3 (counts as dc+1ch)”, using American crochet, I usually ch 4 for (1dc+1ch). Could you clarify this for me?
    Thanks for sharing!!!

    • Hi! Yes, you can chain 4 if you prefer! I think I must chain quite loosely as I usually do a ch2 as a dc and it works fine for me, but I realise lots of people do ch3 for dc turning chains. This is one of the reasons I try and let people know how many it counts for, so you can substitute in an extra if you chain tighter than me! Thanks for the great question. :)

  2. I can,t get the UK version of this Pattern my computer has dowloader the US file 6 times can you please help

    • Hi Mary! Sorry about that – I don’t know how it happened, but I’ve re-loaded it so it should be fixed now! Let me know if you have any more issues. :)

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  4. I wanted to say that I am an active member of a local Butterfly Garden Club in Central Florida – and I recognized your doily as the Passion Flower before I saw it’s name! The Passion Vine is a favorite host plant for several butterfly species. I am going to begin working on this today! Thank you for sharing this!!!

    • Hi Judy! What a lovely comment, I’m pleased you recognised it! What is your favourite butterfly? Maybe I can do one of those next and you can have something to pop on your doily! :)

      • That is a tough question…I am a new transplant to the state of Florida and it seems my heart flutters when I see a Zebra Longwing (the state butterfly) or a Zebra swallowtail. They have similar names but are both very different! Thank you for writing back to me – judy

  5. Hi Ester
    I crocheted your passion-flower-doily with t-shirt yarn.
    My rug is about 67cm in diameter,
    I shared my photo on a few crochet facebook pages together with the link to the pattern on your blog.
    I would love to show you my rug and two other crocheters’ versions as well.
    How do I do that?

    Below is mine and I would like to email the other two to you

  6. Hi, Esther! What a lovely one your doilie! I’m like it very much. I remember Grandma has made similars whem I was little girl… Thank you very much!

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  8. I have question about round 5 us pattern. Why is the 2Sc in parentheses before the 7Sc do they both go into the space?

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  13. I have made your Passion Flower Doily this evening and it’s beautiful. Such a pleasure to crochet and some beautiful motifs throughout. Thank you for sharing your gorgeous pattern.

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  16. I love the design and would love the pattern but for whatever reason it keeps telling me it’s an invalid PDF file and will not open~~~~Help,please Esther Chandler ♡♡♡♡

    • Hi Cherylann! Sorry you are having difficulty with this. The reason is usually to do with using an incompatible device, so you can try on another computer. Otherwise you will just have to read the pattern directly from the blog post (it is in US terms).

  17. I found this pattern through pinterest and have fallen in love with your blog! I think I will spending a lot of my time browsing your projects. ive just finished this doily and I’m feeling very pleased with myself (thanks to you) I’m a beginner and found the pattern very easy to follow. looking forward to trying more of your patterns now. thank you for sharing.
    Suzanne (uk)

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