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Hi, I’m Esther and I live in Salford, UK.

When I’m not hard at work in my day job you can usually find me crocheting, crafting, cooking, gardening or playing board games with my family and friends.  I squeeze in blogging in between all these things, so do bear with me if it takes me a while to respond to a comment!

Make My Day Creative began in 2012 as a way for me to record lots of the creative things I do, as well as a motivational tool to actually finish projects.  I was surprised to find how much I actually like writing about the things I have been doing!  Plus it is really great to get feedback from those of you trying my ideas and using my patterns and recipes.  If you have any comments I would really value them, so don’t be shy!

Since starting this blog I have been surprised how popular it has become.  I get a real buzz when I see people’s projects made based on my patterns on Ravelry. It’s one of the reasons I try my hardest to keep my crochet patterns and other tutorials available for free.

In order to pay for the running of this site you may notice some adverts in my sidebars etc.  Ideally I would operate without them but I currently feel this is the best way to cover my costs.  If you’d prefer not to see ads and pay for patterns instead then let me know!  And if you like this site, you can help pay me back for my effort in putting it together by sharing it with your friends and online groups.

I do not have any paid affiliates.  All materials used are my own choice and my opinions will always be honest ones!

For a few random facts about me, check out this post.


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      • Hi,
        I love the Diamond Trellis Basket. I noticed on the rectangular basket you used some different color yarn for contrast in a couple of places. How did you do the 3 sc in the diamond pattern without the different color showing?
        I’d love to know because I like the look. Is it possible to do the whole diamond trellis pattern with contrast color to the double stitch “background”?

      • Hi May! I used a variegated yarn, it had a medium length self stripe in it. If you have a look on Ravelry for this project (and the round version) you will see that some people have done as you suggest with the colour changes – so it is do-able, but I think it makes for a more fiddly project. Worth it though! :)

      • I love your crochet rope basket! I am having trouble finding 6mm rope. Did you use a particular kind?

  1. So glad I fell upon your blog. I’ve always admired people who could crochet and knit. I would love to aspire to be so good at that craft. My mom is amazing at it! Beautiful work you do. Looking forward to reading more!

  2. I love your Blog Ester ,i have stumbled across it after searching for FREE crochet patterns ,I have two fb groups with over 30,000 members so far both sharing free patterns i would like to include some of yours in them if thats ok and on my own blog the links will come back to YOURS of course so people can get the patterns ,thanks Sheila x

  3. I would like to know what the repeat (Number of stitches) is for the summer sprigs shawl. Just the main body.

  4. Just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the “One Lovely Blog Award.” You’ve been doing a great job and deserve it! Thanks for being awesome!

    • Hi Valerie- it may help you to look at the CAL over on Ravelry, the link is in the comments on the relevant blog post! Also, did you spot the pdf chart? This usually sorts people out on this pattern!

  5. Hi Esther, I noticed the crochet hooks are the ones I love, but I cannot find them here in the US. Can you tell me the brand name or the name of a store/website I can purchase from please. Thank youand your work is beautiful

    • Hi Lisa! I’m not sure which ones you’re referring to because I use a variety of hooks! But my current favourites are the Clover Amour ones. Different hooks do suit different people so I’d definitely try one before buying a set. Or just do like me and treat yourself to one you don’t have every now and again!

  6. Hi Margie, I love your work. I particularly love the baskets. I was wondering if I could sell items I make from your patterns if I give you credit for the pattern. I’m just starting to gather ideas for Farmers Markets etc. With everything I sell privately, I put a label on the package and would credit you on that.

  7. Hi there I just have a question for you. I absolutely LOVE your stuff, I have crocheted for sometime but have never really tried to do anything with it. I am beginning to create items for a craft fair, and for ETSY, but honestly I don’t know the rules for crocheting an item from someone’s pattern and then selling that item. Am I allowed to sell items I crochet from your pattern. I want to make sure I am doing things properly :) Thank you SO much!

  8. Hi Esther…i just see your blog:-and i love it….I wil try to made the Summer Spring lace scarf:-):-)but where i an buy this yarn? Iim full time worker,,full time mom..full time wife….and full time crochet worker and im 60 years old..jajajajjaj…. I live in USA……

  9. Estherchandler I am having difficulty with row 3 of your easy textured cowl. Including the ch 2 I keep getting 93 stitches but I should only have 92 and row 1 and 2 have 92 just fine. Do you have any recommendations on what I’m doing wrong or what I should fix. Thank you for your lovely patterns and insight.

    • Hi Tina! I’m not sure which pattern you mean (I don’t have one by that name) but if you search for “shawl” or “scarf” in the search box on my sidebar you’ll get a list of all my shawl patterns!

  10. Hi Ester,
    I just finish crocheting your Summer Sprigs Lace Scarf. All I need to do is block it. Can I block it with a steam iron instead? Your advise would be most welcome. Also I would like to share with other crochet groups I’m on with credits to you and of course with your permission.

    Love your site. Thank you ever so much for your free patterns.

    gratefully yours,


    • Hi Linda! You can use whatever your preferred method of blocking is for the fibre content. I like wet blocking because I can pin out the picots on the edge more easily. But steaming would be fine too! Please do share my site, that would be lovely of you. It’s what keeps it free! :)

  11. Hi Esther! I live in B.C., Canada. I am going to make the Summer Sprigs Lace shawl in a different weight of yarn. What are the dimensions of the one you made? I am not very good about estimating sizes. I love your pattern.

  12. Hi. I came across your blog looking for free crochet patterns. Always on the lookout for those. I also have a blog (www.reflectivehousewife.com) about crochet and other housewife stuff. I would like to add links to some of your crochet patterns if that is ok with you?

  13. Hiya, Can I ask if people are allowed to sell what they create from your lovely patterns? If so would you like to add a link to the facebook page I have created https://www.facebook.com/groups/1257036467655750/ maybe if you don’t allow this, are there 2 or 3 patterns you would consider adding. I love the Crochet Rope Basket, think that will be next on my “To Make” list :)

  14. Oh Esther I need you!!!!
    I have been trying to crochet your Summer sprigs scarf shawl pattern.
    I am sure I have done the whole thing four times over and I cannot get it right.
    I have the pattern repeat learned off and practiced well but I just cannot seem to get the triangle to form or for the shape to decrease.
    Can you please help me or suggest where I am going wrong?
    I am an experienced knitter and can tackle any pattern. I have crocheted a lot of things but am not used to following crochet patterns.
    I think I must be reading it completely wrongly.
    I really want to finish this!!!
    I would really appreciate your advice.

    • Hi Claire! Try counting your repeats – the pattern as written has one less repeat per row, every row, so the only explanation for a non decreasing shawl is that you are crocheting an extra repeat on each row. The chart provided will help you spot what you are doing wrong. You can also refer to the CAL on Ravelry to see other projects as they progressed.

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