Diamond Trellis Stitch Video Tutorial

I got an exciting new toy this week!  I’ve been wanting to get a new camera for a while.  It’s always a bit of a struggle using my old compact camera to get good photos of my projects, especially when it’s cloudy outside.  So I finally convinced my husband that now was the time to invest in a new one.

New camera!

New camera!

One of the great things about the new one is that it has a good video camera built in.  The video on my last camera did not do close up focussing – so no good at all for crochet demos!

So, welcome to my first attempt at a crochet video tutorial.  I chose the stitch used in my diamond trellis basket, because I know a few of you struggled to understand what on earth I was writing about.  I hope you find it useful!I want to make this!


Stash yarn and matching hook size – I used Aran/worsted weight yarn and a 5mm hook.  You may also want to use some stitch markers.

Special stitches:

Front post treble crochet: Fptrc

Yarn over hook twice.  Insert hook about the post indicated by the pattern.  Yarn over and draw up a loop (4 loops on hook).  *Yarn over, draw through 2 lops, repeat from * two more times until one loop remains on the hook.

Front post treble crochet two together: Fptrc2tog

This makes a V-shaped stitch in front of the work with the two arms of the V being worked around the posts of  the stitches 2 rows below.  All the V’s worked side by side make one half of the diamond pattern. Work the first row of fptrc2tog as follows:

  • Yarn over hook twice, insert hook horizontally (from front to back to front again) behind the “post” of the sc st indicated (in this case it will be the post just worked by the previous post st)
  • Yarn over hook and draw up a loop (4 loops on hook).  *Yarn over hook, draw through 2 loops, repeat from *, 2 loops left on hook (one arm of the V made).
  • Yarn over hook twice, skip 3 sc posts, insert hook horizontally behind the next post.  Yarn over hook and draw up a loop (5 loops on hook).  *Yarn over hook, draw through 2 loops, repeat from *, 3 loops left on hook.  Yarn over hook, draw through all three loops.
  • There will be an “unworked” stitch left in the row below (behind the newly made fptrc2tog stitch).

The remaining fptrc2tog stitches of the first row using the stitch are worked the same way – with the first arm of the V worked around the same post as the last arm of the previous stitch. After the first row using this stitch the fptrc2tog stitch is worked around the top of the previous fptr2tog stitches rather than the sc posts.

Diamond Trellis Stitch Swatch Pattern

Diamond Trellis Stitch Swatch Pattern


Ch 14+1 (add multiples of 4ch for a larger swatch)

R1: sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each st to end (14 sts)

R2: ch2 (counts as dc), dc in each st to end (14 sts)

R3: ch1, turn (does not count as a st). Fptrc about the post of the 3rd sc in R1.  *Sc 3times, fptrc2tog, repeat from *, sc 3 times, fptrc about the same sc post used in the last post worked of the last frptrc2tog st, sc in last st** (14 sts)

**In the video I got an extra stitch here, sorry about that! I’ll have to practice my counting skills…

R4: repeat R2 (14sts)

R5: ch1, turn (does not count as a st). sc in each of next two sts.  *fptrc2tog about the tops of the post stitches in R3, 3sc, repeat from *2 more times (14 sts)

Repeat rows 2-5 until the piece is square or until you’ve mastered those fptrc2tog sts!

Video Tutorial:

Please let me know what you think as I’d love some feedback – is it too short, long, not clear enough?  Does my voice sound as funny to you as it does me? :)


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  2. congrats on your new camera, you deserve it ! Thanks for always posting good staff for us. We really appreciated.

  3. I love this site. I love learning new stitches and sharing with others. Thanks for allowing me to join this stitching family. Great job on this video.

  4. Tu blog es muy bonito e interesante pero por favor coloquen traductor no entiendo el idioma ingles…muchas gracias….saludooos

  5. Oooh this is fab! I love new stitches! It can sometimes be hard to learn them Just via text instructions. Videos are so much easier. thank you! I will now go and use this on everything ever!

  6. I am so glad you did this video! I was going to make the basket, but I got so frustrated, I gave up. Now I know exactly what I did wrong. I can’t wait to make it now. Thanks!

  7. Thanks for the video,it makes it easy to understand the pattern. I can feel a basket coming on! Don’t worry your voice sounds ok, I think we all hear our own voices differently because the noise vibrates round our skull and causes it to do this.

    • Thank you! I’m glad it helped you. I hope you try the basket! And you’re right, it’s just funny as I’m more high pitched in real life than in my head if you see what I mean! :)

  8. After many attempts, I think I finally got this pattern. The video is very helpful – thank you so much and thanks for sharing this beautiful basket tutorial. Found your blog via a link at Stitch and Unwind.

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  11. I think the video is perfect!! It’s clear, concise, easy to see and follow. And my daughter is listening in the background and is thrilled that it sounds like Harry Potter!! Thank you for sharing and for giving me something to look forward to trying when I get home from work today :)

    • Haha, well you can tell your daughter that I wear glasses too! I also got my degree from University of Oxford (Christ Church College) which is where lots of Harry Potter was filmed. :)
      I’m glad you liked the video!

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    • Hi Diane! You can try my zig-zag scarf which uses several colours. Otherwise you can change colours every row, or even just for the fptrc2tog sts – although this would involve stranding the yarn behind the work or crocheting over the yarn you aren’t using (tapestry crochet style). Hope that helps!

  14. Love, love, love the video. I made an oval base and was trying to follow the basket pattern and had a bit of trouble figuring out where to put the stitches, but the video solved all my problems. Thanks for taking the time to make the video and for sharing your pattern. BTW, I’m making a double wine bottle holder to include with a wine/beer Xmas gift exchange.

  15. I. LOVE. This. I’ve downloaded your pattern to make a few baskets for my sister and her friends, all of whom are very picky and love a nice, different, elegant design. This video makes this pattern ultra easy for me now (I learn visually). Congrats on the camera as well, I’ve been dabbling in a lot of product photography lately, and learning the different lenses and what they can do. It’s an amazing feeling to grab some photos of your work and think, “Damn, that’s gorgeous…”

    • Thanks June! I’m glad it helped. And also that you’re finding gifts for your friends! Yes, I’ve been experimenting lots with the new camera, it’s so much better for getting indoor shots in the dark winter light! :)

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  17. Hi, The written instructions (WI) are a little different than the video. The WI for (fptrc2tog) say that you make your first arm of the V and them you skip 3 posts and do the same thing but end up with 5 loops. Then in the pattern it says to do 3 sc and (fptrc2tog) again. The video shows the the V being made by turning and going back into the same bar to make the second arm of the V. Also the video shows 1 stick after the first arm of the V and the WI say that there is 2. Can you help me to understand this? Thanks!

    • Hi Carla. I’m not sure what you are saying is the discrepancy here? You wrote “The WI for (fptrc2tog) say that you make your first arm of the V and them you skip 3 posts and do the same thing but end up with 5 loops.” – that is correct – because when you start the second arm for the fptrc2tog st you already had two loops on the hook. This matches the video!

      You wrote “Then in the pattern it says to do 3 sc and (fptrc2tog) again. The video shows the the V being made by turning and going back into the same bar to make the second arm of the V.” – no, the second arm is made 3 posts further along than the first arm always, whenever you do a fptrc2tog.

      You wrote “Also the video shows 1 stick after the first arm of the V and the WI say that there is 2.” – what do you mean by stick? Did you mean stitch? I can’t see where you are referring to in the written instructions or video here!

      I’m not sure if that’s helpful but perhaps you can have another look and get back to me if you are still struggling with this?

      • Hi Connie, sorry yes stick should have read
        stitch. I ended up just following the video instead of being confused by the differences. I am a new crocheter as you can tell. : D Looks like it is working out so far. Great Pattern! Thanks for getting back to me.

  18. I can’t wait to get started on my first basket now that I have seen the video. I must be a visual learner also. You make it look so easy in the video. You’re amazing. Thanks.

  19. I am a novice crocheter and was ok with the WI for the first 11rows. At the beginning of Row12 yo say to Turn and then work into the front loop only of that row. So far, so good.
    Then for Row13 you say to ch1, Turn 2dc, fpdtr2tog, but when I do this I am working on the wrong side. Why? Does it matter that the reverse side of the base is seen on the inside and the lovely neat, pattern ends up on the underside??
    Have pulled this out three times now and am getting ready to give up. Shame because it is a pretty basket. Perhaps I should do a swatch like the video? Wish you had videoed yourself working the basket.
    Finally are the written instructions in American terminology (I am in the UK)???

    • Hi Norma! When you crochet in the front loop, the back loop forms the outside edge of the base. As you crochet along the round the inside of the work is facing you. At the end of this round, you turn so that the next round is crocheted with the outside of the work facing you. This means that the fptrc2tog sts are on the outside of the basket. Regarding the swatch – this is to help you do the fptrc2tog stitch, so good to do it if you are struggling with that. It’s also good if you want to check your gauge and the fabric stiffness, but it sounds like you’ve already started so I wouldn’t worry about that now! All my patterns are in US terms, but I do pdf printables in both US and UK terms at the bottom of each blog post. Hope that helps!

  20. Hi love the video have been looking for this type of stitch for ages and the video makes it look so easy. Just wanted to make sure i understand i would need to make a much bigger swatch for what im making so with you say add multiples of 4 would that mean next size up from what u did would be 18+1, the next size would be 22+1, next size 26+1 etc, etc? Hope that makes sense.

  21. Hi Esther I love this pattern thank you for sharing! I am trying to figure out the color change I want the two different colors but not sure how to carry the second color? I re read the pattern and didn’t pickup the second color starting point. maybe I missed it. I really like the video it was very helpful.

    • Hi Cindy, glad you like this! I haven’t changed colour in this project. But if I was going to, I’d probably work it like tapestry crochet and swap for the fptrc2tog sts. Hope that helps!

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  23. Hi,
    I love this pattern but there is a discrepancy between WI and video. The pattern is written with 14 +1 but the video shows 15+1. I worked it with the pattern and the video. There are 4 unworked stiches which leaves 10 but in order for there to be 2 stitches behind the last stitch marker. There would have to be 11 left. The WI says the Ch-2 in row 2 counts as a stitch. Im really confused by this.

    • Hi Tenika! Darn it, you’re right, there is a discrepancy! There should only be 1sc left after that last post stitch in row 3. I guess I need to practice counting to 14… So sorry for the confusion. But I’m hoping you managed the post stitches ok?

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