Large Beaded V- Necklace Pattern

I used a 4mm hook, leftover Sirdar calico Dk cotton yarn, and eight 10mm beads.  See my inspiration for this piece here!

The pattern is worked as fsc to make the sides and then turned 90° to sc the V-shaped placket which holds the beads.  The length of the placket is about 9cm (3.5 inches).

Finished Necklace

Thread the beads onto the cotton and chain 10 (or however many fits your size of bead) and join with a slip stitch to make a ring fastening.

Row 1: ch1, fsc (starting in the next chain of the ring), make 22 more fsc (or adjust to get your desired length)

Row 2: ch1, rotating the piece 90° make 2sc into the side of the last fsc, ch1, turn (2sts)

Row 3: 2sc in each sc, ch1, turn (4sts)

Row 4 and 5: sc in each st, ch1, turn (4sts)

Row 6: sc in first sc, slide up a bead, pull the loop on the hook large enough to fit around the bead and ch1 (see photo), sc in last sc, ch1, turn (3sts)

Inserting a bead using a large chain stitch (row 6)

Completed large chain st to insert bead (row 6)

Row 7: sc in first sc, 2 sc in large ch st, sc in last sc, ch1, turn (4sts)

Completing the 2nd sc into large chain around bead (row 7)

Row 8-19: repeat row 4 to 7 three more times so that 4 beads have been inserted

Row 20: sc in each st, ch1, rotate piece by 90°, sc in the sides of the next 4 scs, ch1, turn (4sts after 90° rotation)

Row 21: repeat row 6

Row 22: repeat row 7

Row 23 and 24: repeat row 4

Row 25-32: repeat row 21-24 2 more times (7 beads inserted, 4 sts)

Row 33: sc2tog twice (2 sts)

Row 34: ch 1, rotate piece by 90° and fsc into last st, 22 fsc (or however many you need to make the sides even), slide up the last bead and ch1 so that the bead is held at the end

Row 35: rotate piece and sc into the top of the first fsc, sc into second fsc, slip stitch into 3rd fsc and fasten off.  Weave in all ends.


Block piece as desired.  I pinned mine out so that the V became pointier but if you are going for more of a choker style you may want to stretch it the other way.

I am not sure the ending of this pattern was the neatest but I was paranoid about losing the last bead which will get tugged on when I wear it so wanted to have something to weave the end into firmly. If anyone has any better suggestions please let me know!

Large Beaded V-necklace


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