Pattern for Beaded Crochet Bracelet

Check out my blog post on this bracelet here.  Scroll down for pdf patterns! (US and UK notation)


Ready to wear

I used one large bead and 22 small beads.  The wool was inherited; a 3mm size crochet hook seemed to work fine.

The bracelet is crocheted all in one piece starting from the loop end.  Thread the large bead on the wool first, then the smaller ones.

When you get to row 10 of the pattern add the beads by sliding them up the wool and chaining as usual around them.  I just added 2 beads at random per strand (each chain 20 is one strand).

If you want a longer bracelet just add extra chains to the strands, or add a few extra rows of 3sc before row 19 to get a perfect fit.


Chain 6 and join with a slip stitch  (if you are using a larger bead chain more and modify row 1 below as instructed).

Row 1: ch1, sc into ring 18 times (or 3xnumber of chains in ring), join with a slip stitch into 1st sc, ch1, turn.

Row 2: sc in next 3 st, ch1, turn (3sts)

Row 3: 2sc in 1st st, sc, 2sc in last st, ch1, turn (5sts)

Row 4: 5sc, ch1, turn (5sts)

Row 5: 2sc in 1st st, 3sc, 2sc in last st, ch1, turn (7sts)

Row 6: 7sc, ch1, turn (7sts)

Row 7: 2sc in 1st st, 7sc, 2sc in last st, ch1, turn (9sts)

Row 8: 9sc, ch1, turn (9sts)

Row 9: 2sc in 1st st, 9sc, 2sc in last st, ch1, turn (11sts)

Row 10: sc in 1st st, *Chain 21, sc in 2nd chain from hook (1 strand made), chain 20, sc in next st on row 9 (1 more strand made), sc in next stitch, repeat from * 5 times, (10 strands made), ch 20 (11 strands made).

Row 11: ch1 (counts as 1st stitch), 2 sc in each sc made in the turn of each pair of strands making sure all strands are straight (unless you wish to twist them for a textured look), ch1, turn  (11 sts)

Row 12: sc2tog, 7sc, sc2tog, ch1, turn (9 sts)

Row 13: 9sc, ch1, turn (9sts)

Row 14: sc2tog, 5sc, sc2tog, ch1, turn (7 sts)

Row 15: 7sc, ch1, turn (7sts)

Row 16: sc2tog, 3sc, sc2tog, ch1, turn (5 sts)

Row 17: 5sc, ch1, turn (5sts)

Row 18: sc2tog, 1sc, sc2tog, ch1, turn (3 sts)

Row 19: 1sc, insert large bead with a ch 1 (counts as stitch), sc, ch1, turn (3sts)

Row 20 and 21: 3sc, ch1, turn (3sts)

Fasten off and weave in ends.

Have a play with this as you can wear it in a couple of different ways.  To plait it see my tutorial.  Let me know what you think, this is my first ever written pattern and feedback is welcome!

Downloadable pdf patterns:
Beaded Strand Bracelet US

Beaded Strand Bracelet UK


21 thoughts on “Pattern for Beaded Crochet Bracelet

  1. i think ya did a very good job with this pattern.
    i really like the style of the bracelet.
    thanks for sharing the pattern.

  2. Love the braclet. Can’t wait to try it. Just the type bracelet pattern I’ve been looking for. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Just wanted to let you know I made your beaded chain bracelet. However, I used #5 gold metallic thread with size F hook and 6mm pearl beads. It turned out great. No problem with pattern. Thanks again for sharing your wonderful work.


  4. This is lovely. When you refer to the part of the pattern (Row 11) “twist for a textured look” is this where you would plait the strands before continuing? If not, how would the plaiting be accomplished afterward?

    • Hi Judy! I plaited my strands afterwards by separating into three groups (4 strands, 3 strands, and 4 strands) then plaiting as normal, but then the other end gets sort of revesrse plaited. I just poke it through a couple of times to untangle it. This has the effect of turning the wrong side to the front if you only do one plait. I have written a tutorial for this now to show what I mean because it is easier to see than explain in words! Let me know if this doesn’t help, I will see if I can explain better.

  5. Hi! I also found your pattern on Ravelry, & I love it! I just finished my 1st one, & plan to make many more! Great job on your 1st written pattern, & hope to see many more from you! :)

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  7. I just finished making this pattern and I love it I’ve only been crocheting for a couple of weeks and it is refreshing to be able to have a cute Patten that is not too difficult to understand and in which does not take very long to complete! I think I’m going to make one with more beads! Thanks Amber K

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