Beaded Crochet Bracelet

Ready to wear

I saw a bracelet similar to this and wondered if I could make my own pattern for one.  Well it took a couple of attempts but overall it came out ok, and you can find the pattern here if you want to make your own.  I think this will be going in my gift box as although I love the colour it’s not one I particularly wear.  I will be making another one for me though!  I like that you can change the look by plaiting or twisting it.

Straight strands…

… or plaited strands

The wool came from a bag of stuff from my husband’s granny.  I normally don’t buy such skinny wool but the beads wouldn’t have fitted over anything thicker so it was good to find it in my stash.  This is my first attempt at beaded crochet!

Back Fastening

I actually quite like the fastening as a feature so if I get a few feature beads I might just make some plain ones!

Close up

Close up of bracelet plaited


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