Teacup Candles

I inherited these teacups from a great aunt a few years ago.  I love teacups but of course using mugs is much more convenient (plus, it gives you a chance to warm your hands up by wrapping them around the mug- which just isn’t done when drinking out of a teacup)!  So, what to do with those old teacups?  Turn them into candle holders!

Vanilla scented teacup candles

I bought a bag of wax (only £3 via Amazon!) and used up the ends of a few old candles.  Recently I had picked up some really cheap coloured candles from Ikea, but made the error of leaving them in the window where they melted in the sunlight! Disaster!  But then I realised I could just add them to my teacup candles to make them coloured.  Waste not, want not after all!

Windowsill disaster!

Speaking of recycling I also had a couple of glass dishes lying around (left over from everyone’s favourite store bought chocolate soufflés) so I was able to use up the left over bits of each colour up in these- cue stripy candles!

Stripy candles using dessert dishes

Fortunately all the candles I used up were unscented else this could have resulted in scent overload!  I added some vanilla scent so they smell nice but hopefully not too over the top.  I hope you like them because those of you who get gifts from me may well soon be displaying these in your own home!  :)

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  1. I am thoroughly enjoying seeing your creative days. I am also a little jealous that my days don’t have that sort of time in them… oh and that I am not that creative.

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