Horizon Shawl

Horizon Shawl - Textured Crochet Pattern by Make My Day Creative

Horizon Shawl – Textured Crochet Pattern by Make My Day Creative

I’ve had this one under wraps (haha) for ages and ages, so it’s great to finally be able to share it with you!

I was commissioned by Yarnbox to design for their October 2016 yarn collection, which was a lovely way for me to be able to try this yarn.

I have not worked much with mohair, because it tends to be one of the fibres I react to.  Fortunately not only was this blend lovely to work with, I didn’t have a skin reaction to it either.  Sometimes when we react to yarns it can be more about the treatment/processing of the yarn (or the quality of it) so it is important to give fibres a chance sometimes if you are someone who can be irritated by them.  Wool is such a great fibre in terms of its properties and potential for sustainability, so do keep an open mind if you are someone who has this problem!  (More on how to choose yarn here.)

The inspiration for this design comes from the subtle grey and blue colours which together reminded me of the sea meeting the sky, so I have tried to reflect those themes in the texture of the stitches used here.

The shape is inspired by my Pacific Rim Shawl (free pattern here), only made here as a slightly more gentle re-interpretation of the style, with textured stitches to add interest to the stripes.

Horizon Shawl - Crochet Pattern by Make My Day Creative. Textured stripes!

Horizon Shawl – Crochet Pattern by Make My Day Creative. Textured stripes!


  • 2 skeins fingering/sock weight “Reinvent” Ancient Arts Yarn in complementary colours – example uses “Roaring Twenties”(grey:339m ) and “Fog Warning” (blue: 395m)
  • 3mm hook
  • 3 stitch markers (one for each increase point) – these are essential!
  • Optional: 2 additional stitch markers for the end stitches (replace these into the final st and final ch of the turning ch4 throughout if using)


Standard US Crochet terms are used throughout the pattern:

Abbreviation Stitch
ch Chain
sc Single Crochet
hdc Half double crochet
dc Double crochet
tr Treble
flo Front loop only
sk Skip indicated number of stitches
st Stitch

(Brackets) around a group of stitches indicate to work everything inside the brackets into the indicated stitch; e.g. (sc, dc) – work both an sc and a dc into the next stitch.

*Star is used to mark a repeat within a section; e.g. repeat from * X number of times.

[Square brackets] are used to mark a whole repeating section.

Ch4 counts as a tr throughout.

Pattern Overview:

The shawl is worked from the top edge down in rows.  Each row increases at the end of the row, adding to the length of the top edge, and at set points to form the stepped-crescent shape.

The pattern is designed to use as much yarn as possible of that provided; consequently options are available on the final row depending on how much yarn remains.  You may also crochet extra rows to use up yarn as desired.

The pattern is written and also includes a chart for the first 6 rows (the pattern is repeated so no need to fully chart).

Modification Options:

Please note that pattern modifications may change the amount of yarn used – please keep track to ensure you can complete your project.

The pattern can be widened to make a fuller shawl, or made narrower for a scarf.  Additionally you can add or subtract “panels”, altering the number of points to change the shape.

The stripe widths can also be modified to suit your preferences; make them all narrow, go for wider stripes, or even go for the full horizon effect by making a simple block of each colour.

You may also try altering your yarn weight.  I would recommend this pattern for sock weight to medium worsted weight yarns, though feel free to experiment!

More detail on modifying the pattern is given at the end of the pattern.

Click through to Ravelry to purchase this pattern!  The full 7-page pattern includes chart, modifications, and gauge swatch (very optional!).

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