2013: Your Projects

Christmas letters come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.  Some are funny, some are long winded, some contain lists of achievements that make you wonder if anyone in that family knows how to have fun.  I’ve never written one, because I’m fairly certain it wouldn’t fall into the “funny” category, and as I’m no longer in the accruing multiple exam certificates stage of life, I’d worry about being in the long and dull category!

However, there are a few things this year which have made it great for me, and so I want to say thank you.  This blog has grown, and I’m really encouraged that so many of you are taking the time to read it, leave comments and are even making some of the things I’ve been writing about!

Even more encouraging, many of you have not only taken the time to make some of my projects, you’ve shared them too.  I love seeing things people have made because I put a pattern out there. :D

Here are some of my favourites:

Azshere's Plaid Scarf

Azshere’s Plaid Scarf

Azshere did a great job on my Gingham Effect Scarf.  She liked it so much she went on to make this beautiful handbag using the same technique!  Don’t you think it is amazing too?

Azshere's Gingham purse

Azshere’s Gingham purse

Linteebean took on my Chevron stripes sweater – I love how she worked the stripes from the very top and the pretty colour combination.  You can check out her blog here: LinteeBean.com

Linteebean's Chevron Striped Sweater

Linteebean’s Chevron Striped Sweater

Amberboo completed this colourful version of my Chunky Diamond Scarf.  She modified it to be worn closely round the neck to keep those droughts out- check out her samples at the shop & Sew What if you happen to be in Lancashire, UK!

Amberboo's Chunky Diamond Infinity Scarf

Amberboo’s Chunky Diamond Infinity Scarf

Piffpuffpickle used my Love! Motif to make this pretty card.  I like how she stacked the letters and added a dotty paper background.

Piffpuffpickle's Love! Card

Piffpuffpickle’s Love! Card

Jojo74 and maRRose CCC both tried out my Shells and Lace Jar Candle Cover.  This turns out super pretty in white thread like Jojo’s and wonderfully festive in red like maRRose’s.  Check out maRRose CCC for similar projects and how she made her holly leaves.

Jojo74's Lace jar candle cover

Jojo74’s Lace jar candle cover

maRRose's Lace and Shells Jar Candle cover

maRRose’s Lace and Shells Jar Candle cover

Aprilrain has been busy making several versions of my Easy Textured Cowl.  I must admit I’d like to be one of her lucky friends who received one of these for Christmas.  I love that turquoise!

Aprilrain's Easy Textured Cowl

Aprilrain’s Easy Textured Cowls

Thanks so much for sharing!  And thanks also to all those who I couldn’t fit in on this post. If you’d like to see more finished objects from my patterns, here’s a link to the relevant Ravelry page.

I do hope that if you are wondering about getting more creative in 2014 you’ll be encouraged to give it a go.  What crafty things will you be trying?


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