Crochet butterflies - free patterns

Crochet butterflies – free patterns

I used these patterns to make my Butterfly Scarf, and matching hat (when I finish it!).  For the scarf I made 2 small, 2 medium, and 1 large butterfly.

You could make these using any scrap yarn and matching hook size.

Small Butterfly

Small Butterfly crochet pattern

Small Butterfly crochet pattern

This one is worked in rows.

Tip: To save weaving in ends, measure  5m of the main (wing) colour of yarn and start crocheting from the middle (i.e. leave a really long tail).  Then when you move on to the second side, use up the tail instead of starting with a new length of yarn.

Start with the body colour:

Ch3, switch to wing colour.

R1: ch2 (counts as dc), dc in 3rd ch, sc, 2dc (5sts)

R2: ch2 (counts as dc), turn, dc in same st, (2dc), sl-st, (2sc), (2sc) (9sts)

Fasten off this side.  Pick up the body colour, ch1.

R3: sc in each of the foundation chains (3sts), change to wing colour

R4: repat row 1 (5sts)

R5: ch1 (counts as sc), turn, sc in same st, (2sc), sl-st, (2dc), (2dc) (9 sts)

To finish, weave in the wing colour ends.  Weave the body colour ends to the top of the butterfly body and knot together to make a head and antennae.

Medium Butterfly

Medium Butterfly crochet pattern

Medium Butterfly crochet pattern

This one is worked in the round.  You can make a 3 coloured version by changing colour after R1 if you like.

Start with a magic circle (or a ring of 4 ch if you prefer) in the colour of the inner wings.

R1: 9dc into magic circle, sl st to join (9sts)

R2: ch1, sc in same st, *3dc, sc, repeat from * 3 more times, sc in same st as just worked, sl-st to join (change to wing tip colour if you like) (18sts)

R3: ch1 (counts as sc), [(2sc),(2dc, ch2, sl-st in 2nd ch from hook, 2dc), (2sc)], sl-st, *sc, (4dc), sc, sl st, repeat from *, repeat everything inside[],sc, sk 1 st, sl-st to join.

Weave in all ends.  Make a chain long enough to wrap around the body, and knot to secure.  Use the tails as antennae!

Large Butterfly

Large Butterfly

Large Butterfly

I used this lovely pattern from The Left Side of Crochet:

I started with white, switched to lilac for round 2, and used grey for round 3.  I also made a chain for the body as, similarly to my medium butterfly, I thought tying around just the plain yarn was not thick enough.  For the antennae I drew the starting tail through and knotted both together, and trimmed to length.

I hope you have fun making this quick little projects! What will you sew yours on to?


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  3. First I find your Tiara, NOW the butterflies! I CAN’T WAIT to see what else I find! This is akin to going through the treasure chest in the attic! WHAT FUN!!! ;’ )

  4. you r awesome.keep up the good work.i cant
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