Advent Calendar and Mice

Those of you who have been following this blog for a while may well remember this project from last year.  It is an advent calendar I made for my (now aged 4) niece – with the idea that each year we will refill it with little gifts for her as her Christmas present from us.  I really enjoyed making it and I know it is exciting for her to have something new to open each day.

Hanging Advent Calendar

Hanging Advent Calendar

This year I am mostly filling the pockets with crafty bits and pieces.  My sister-in-law, who is a creative writing genius, can have some interesting results when it comes to crafts, so I have put together some little kits of things for cards, jewellery, and Christmas baubles, which I hope will make it easier!  And of course, I have put in a few chocolate coins, as no advent calendar would be complete without them.

A box of gifts ready for shipping - courtesy of the in-laws!

A box of gifts ready for shipping – courtesy of the in-laws!

No-sew Christmas Baubles crafty gift!

No-sew Christmas Baubles crafty gift!

I’ve also made a couple of these 5-minute mice.  The family recently acquired two kittens and it would have been a shame to overlook them, even if I am allergic to them!  I didn’t have any catnip so I added a craft bell inside each one so that they jingle.  Great for pouncing practise!

Jingle mouse, jingle mouse, jingle all the way... ;)

Jingle mouse, jingle mouse, jingle all the way… ;)

The pattern was very easy, but they took me more like 30mins each than 5!  I obviously need to learn to crochet faster.  What I loved about it was only two ends to sew in! :)

Will you be making an advent calendar this year? What ideas do you have for filling it?


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  1. That wee mouse is so sweet! I don’t think I could do one in five minutes either though – it takes me five minutes just to find the end of the ball of yarn :)

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