Advent all sewn up

This year I decided to make my nieces Christmas present- an advent calendar with pockets to hold a little gift for each day.  I’m hoping that it will get used again in future years and we can buy the gifts each year!

Hanging Advent Calendar

I thought it would take a day or two but I definitely should have allowed more time!  I spent all my free time last week finishing this off so it could be posted in time to arrive by 1stDecember.   Overall I am pretty happy with it, so here’s hoping she likes it!

Pocket 20 with heart ribbon

I first cut out and pressed all the pockets, added the buttonholes, and then decorated them with felt numbers and ribbons.  Then I sewed them all onto a large piece of red fabric, added the buttons and then followed the shape of a coat hanger to cut out the shape at the top.  I sewed another piece of fabric on to the back leaving a hole at the top for the coat hanger to poke through, and added a baton at the bottom to make it hang better.  (I didn’t actually have a baton the right size so I improvised making a tube out of paper and filling it with rice- sneaky!)

Pocket 12 with polka dot ribbon

I really enjoyed making this one and I love the red and white theme!

Ready to pack up and post!


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