Pretty Card

Blues, greens and creams

Blues, greens and creams

What a week.  Started off with a cold but I recovered just in time for my birthday – I had a pancake party!  So not much time for being crafty between the sniffles and cleaning up sticky pancake batter (yes, it got everywhere)!

Pretty Card 2It was also my sister-in-laws birthday this week so I did manage to put this card together for her.  It uses some wallpaper, a patterned piece of card from a box of posh chocolates (Fortnum and Mason, amazing!) and a few of my crocheted flowers.  I used a small hook (size 2mm and 3mm).

I’m pleased to report it was well received.  Incidentally my sister-in-law writes a great blog about everyday life.  This post about mice really made me laugh!

Pretty Card 3


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