Lace Drawstring Bags

Good job I saved all that ribbon…

I included these in a previous post about a gift I made for my mum.  I found that they are quite handy for all kinds of things- gift bags, batching up yarn and ribbons, and as mini work bags when I am working on a small project (like some of these Christmas decorations I have been working on for my shop), so I have been busy making a big batch of them in the last few days.

I have been wrapping smaller gifts like jewellery in contrasting tissue paper before putting them in the bags, which shows the lace better and hides the gift from view!

Making drawstring bags is pretty easy- especially with a non-fraying material like this lace because I haven’t had to “finish” any of the seams.

Gold ribbon lace bag

How I made mine:

Cut a rectangle a little larger than twice the desired width and a little bigger than the desired height of the bag.  Fold down around a 3-4cm section along the top of the long edge and iron flat.  Tuck the raw edge of the folded bit under and iron again to make the drawstring casing.  Stitch as close to the bottom of the last fold as possible.  This makes the casing for the drawstring.

Fold the entire piece in half inside out and stitch down the side and along the bottom of the bag about 1cm in from the edge.  Make sure you do not stitch over the drawstring casing!  Trim the edges so that they are neat (if you are using a fraying material you will want to finish your edges with a zigzag stitch or similar) and trim off the corners to reduce bulk in the corners when turned right way out.  Turn the right way out and iron flat; thread a piece of ribbon through the casing and tie a knot in the end.

Using the scalloped curtain edge for the top of the bags

I have a lot of this lace material so I have decided to start using these bags as the packaging for the items in my shop.