Salt Dough Decorations

Heart Garland

Yes, I do know it is too early to be thinking about Christmas.  But, in my defence, I actually made these decorations last year.  I just didn’t get round to finishing them in time for last Christmas!  We have been having a big clear out in the last few weeks and I unearthed these and decided to finish them off.  They were baked but needed painting.  I used acrylic paints; I had been toying with adding a layer of PVA glue to make them shinier but for now I like the slightly more matt look.

Hanging Hearts

I generally think that salt dough looks better if you keep it simple.  It is always going to look homemade, so why fight it?  I limited my hanging hearts to block colours and used contrasting threads for a bit of interest.

Heart Garland

My favourite is this garland, which I have used metallic silver and gold paint on.  This was a bit fiddly but I feel it was worth it.

For now it is back into storage for these things until December!

Ready for hanging