Pointy Petal Flower Pattern

I like the round petal flower I usually make a lot but I wanted to make a flower which had pointy petals to reflect the picot edging of the scarf I recently made so that they went together.  Here’s what to do if you want to make one the same.

Pointy Petal Flower

I used a 3mm crochet hook (to match my yarn).

Row 1: Make a magic circle and ch4, *dc, ch2, repeat from * 3 more times, join with a sl st into the first ch sp (5 ch sps)

Row 2: *ch2, dc, 2tr, ch2, sl st into 2nd ch from hook, 2 tr, dc, ch2, sl st into same ch sp, sl st into next ch sp, repeat from * 4 more times finishing with a sl st into the first ch2 sp rather than the ch sp of row 1 (5 petals made)

Row 3 is worked behind the petals just made to make the chain spaces for the second layer or petals.  This is similar to Row 3 on my triple layer petals flower if you want to look at some helpful photos.

Row 3: ch1, * sc in chain loops behind the work, ch4, repeat from * 4 times, join in first sc with a sl st (5 ch sps)

Row 4: ch1, sl st in next ch sp, ch 1, * hdc, dc, 2tr, dtr, ch2, sl st into 2nd ch from hook, dtr, 2tr, dc, hdc, repeat from * into next ch space 4 times, join with a sl st into first hdc and fasten off.

Weave in the ends.  Use the tail to secure a brooch back or safety pin if you are making a brooch.  Block out the points if desired.

To make this more interesting you could switch colours after row 1 for a different middle colour, or even insert some beads on the points of your petals by stringing 10 beads onto your yarn first and inserting on the second chain of each point.  Have fun! :)

The flower matches the scarf!


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