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Passion Flower Doily


Pretty Passion Flower Doily – free pattern in dk weight yarn

I managed to scare my husband a little with this project.  Along with most men he is doily averse.  As it grew I could see him eyeing it up and looking worried.  In fairness, there is plenty of crochet around the home already without me covering all available surfaces with doilies!

This was actually made with a specific project in mind – i.e. this fab clutch, the details and pattern for which I will be sharing next week.  So he needn’t have worried, because I haven’t made something else to dust around, and I just got a new clutch bag for free!

Doily flap on leather clutch bag :)

I tried a couple of patterns on Ravelry but was having issues with them not coming out flat (even the one designed in dk weight yarn), so I gave up and just designed my own.  The middle reminds me of passion flowers, hence the name.

The finished doily is about 17cm across (I haven’t blocked this – I didn’t want drape for the project I’ve used it for).  If you prefer a smaller size, e.g. for coasters, you can finish at round 7 or 9 instead.

Scroll down for pdf patterns! (US and UK notation)



The pattern is worked in the round.  Begin with a magic ring.

R1: Ch3 (counts as dc+1ch), *dc, ch1, repeat from * 5 more times, join with a sl-st into 2nd ch (7 ch sps)

R2: Ch2 (counts as dc), ch3, *dc into next dc, ch3, repeat from* 5 more times, join with a sl-st (7 ch sps)

R3: ch1 (counts as sc), ch7, *sc into next dc, ch7, repeat from * 5 more times, join into 1st ch with a sl-st (7 ch-7 sps)

R4: Ch3 (counts as tr), *(dc, hdc, sc into ch-sp), sl-st into central ch of ch7-sp (i.e. the 4th ch), (sc, hdc, dc) into same ch-sp, tr into next sc, repeat from * 6 more times, but miss the final tr and instead join with a sl-st into the top of the first ch3 (56 sts).

R5: Ch1 (counts as sc), 6sc, *(2sc), 7sc, repeat from * 5 more times, sc into the 1st st and join to ch1 with a sl-st (63 sts)

R6: Ch2 (counts as dc), sk2sts, *(dc, ch2, dc) into next st, sk2sts, repeat from * around, dc into 1st st, ch2 and join with a sl-st (21V-sts)

R7: *3sc in next ch2-sp, sc between the v-sts, repeat from * around, 3 sc in final ch2-sp, sl-st to join (84sts)

R8: Ch2 (counts as dc) Ch3, sk 3 sts, *dc, ch3, sk3 sts, repeat from * around, join into starting ch with a sl-st (21 ch sps)

R9: (sc, hdc, 3dc, hdc, sc into each ch-sp around, join with a sl-st (147 sts)

R10: sl-st 3 times.  Ch1 (counts as sc), *ch5, sk 6 sts, sc (in middle dc of the 3dc group in R9), repeat from * around, join in the starting ch1 with a sl-st (21 ch 5 spaces)

R11: *sk2 ch, 7 dc in next ch, sk2 ch, sl-st in next st, repeat from * around.

Fasten off and weave in ends.  Block if desired.

Pretty Passion Flower Doily – free pattern in dk weight yarn

Watch out for my clutch bag pattern coming up next week for a way to use this design!

Downloadable pdf patterns:
Passion Flower Doily US

Passion Flower Doily UK