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You may have noticed that I don’t tend to make a lot of toys.  I think it’s mostly because I quite like to get on with a pattern without constantly checking how each row needs to be worked.  However, this little elephant kept catching my eye on Ravelry and Pinterest, and I thought he’d make a nice change!

Round Elephant - free crochet pattern

Round Elephant – free crochet pattern

I had some of this textured yarn left over from making my easy textured cowl and fingerless gloves.  I hunted and hunted for a yardage but couldn’t find anyone saying how much they had used. So I ended up ordering another ball to finish him off!  Oh well. He is worth it I think!  I used 44g in the end, which is 110m for this yarn.  So this is a good single skein project!

I am pleased with the final result, he looks quite like he could be made from denim, and I chose this red paisley print fabric to sew on for the ears (I think he is an Asian elephant so going for an Indian themed print seemed appropriate).

The main things I struggled with for this pattern were my choice of yarn (it looks good but the varying thickness made it difficult to work with on a small hook – 3mm) and also sewing the ears in the right position.

So I would recommend a standard aran weight yarn for this.  In the end for the ears I sewed some tacking stitches in a contrast thread onto the body of the elephant, to use as a guide where I wanted the ears to be.  This meant I got them pretty even on both sides!  Then I just pulled these out once the ears were on.

Free Elephant crochet pattern

Free Elephant crochet pattern

The only thing I am debating is, should I add tusks or leave him as a baby elephant?  I’m also wondering if adding an egret (bird) to sit on his back would be feasible…

You can find the pattern for this elephant over at All About Ami – click here.


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    • Yes it is a nice pattern! It has some useful photos too. If i do another one then I think I’d still use a multiple colour yarn but perhaps without the bumpy bits. :)

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