Just Ticking Along

I seem to be short of that universally in demand resource at the moment: time.  Those of you that follow lots of blogs will know that bloggers take breaks for many reasons, which pretty much always boil down to a lack of a particular resource – inspiration, creativity, productivity.  But most often it’s because of lack of time.

For me at the moment it’s the usual life busy-ness combined with recent struggles with my wisdom teeth.  Very frustrating because wisdom teeth shouldn’t really take time but I seem to have been busy either being in pain, being kept awake at night, or too sleepy (either from lack of sleep or from some very nice pain pills that the doctor gave me ) to actually get things done – particularly creative things and blogging things.  My evenings seem to need to be spent reclining rather than sitting with hook and yarn in hand.

Last week I had the first of two ops needed to remove my wisdom teeth for which I am grateful.  However it’s taking me longer than I expected to bounce back.  Next month I will have the second op and hopefully normal service will be resumed shortly after that, and though I hope to post in the interim I don’t want to make promises – rushed crochet patterns are error riddled crochet patterns which isn’t good for any of us!

Current WIP - crochet in waiting rooms

Current WIP – crochet in waiting rooms – pattern release coming soon :)

In the meantime I will be responding to comments as usual and crocheting whenever I can.  If you’re following me on Instagram or Facebook you’ll see I have been managing to keep things ticking along because I refuse to let lack of time keep me from making things altogether! (My current project may well be called “waiting room scarf”).

If you’re making one of my patterns and want to cheer me up then please tag me on your Instagram photo, I love seeing FO’s on there or on Ravelry! :)


11 thoughts on “Just Ticking Along

  1. Hi, I just wanted to say that you do beautiful work! I think it’s very generous that you share your creativity and your patterns! I’ve not really read any of your blogs until today. Waiting around in medical offices is not much fun. It’s good that your have your crochet to keep you busy. I hope everything works out for you. You deserve a good break! God bless!

    Sincerely, Elizabeth

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