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Summer Sprigs Lace Scarf


Summer Sprigs Lace Shawl Free Crochet pattern

I have wanted to try crocheting with some lace weight yarn for a while, and since it is nearly summer and I found a single ball of Rowan fine lace yarn in the sale bin I thought I’d go for it.

I didn’t think working in lace weight would really be much different to working with dk and heavier yarns, but I did learn a few things.  Firstly, I needed to work in daylight because the stitches are so small!  Secondly, it is definitely worth getting a nice hook with a handle on it.  I already had a plain metal hook (thanks to my mother -in-law) which I got quite far using but then found I was getting a lot of pain in my arms and wrists.  So much so that I had to put this project on hold for a while!  I didn’t want to change hooks in case it caused uneven gauge, so I went for this unstylish but practical solution: rubber bands around the handle!

Handle solution!

This helped a lot!

Can you believe I managed to make this whole scarf out of a single ball of yarn?  It was a bit touch and go at the end (I literally had a tail of 8 inches when finished, gulp!) so if you decide to make it I would suggest you pick a yarn where you can buy and extra ball if needed.

Summer Sprigs Lace Scarf – Free pattern!

I also think this project would work in dk and a size 4 hook for a summer shawl.  I’m not sure how much yarn that would take though – if you try it let me know!

I chose the name Summer Sprigs Lace for this scarf because I think the main stitch pattern looks a bit like little buds on twigs.  What do you think?

Scroll down for pdf patterns and diagrams! (US and UK notation)



Gauge is not critical for this project, however if your gauge is larger than mine was you will need more than one skein of yarn.

In the main sprig pattern, I worked 2.5repeats in 10cms.

In the squares portion of the edging, I worked 14 “squares” in 10cm.

These are my pre-blocking gauge measurements.


This scarf is worked in 2 sections.  First the main triangular section is worked by making a foundation row, and then the rows are decreased to make the triangular shape. The pattern is a simple 1 row repeat!

The edging is then added along the two shorter sides.

Main body (Sprig Lace pattern)

Begin by making a ch 386+1. (Alternately you can begin by making 386 fsc and skip row 1)

R1: turn, sc in second ch and then in each ch to the end (386 sts)

R2: Ch 5 (counts as being worked in the very first sc), turn, [sk3 sts, *sc, ch3, repeat from * 2 more times, sc, ch3, sk3 sts, (dc, ch2, dc) in next st, ch3] repeat [] 33times, sk3 sts, *sc, ch3, repeat from * 2 more times, sc, ch3, sk3 sts, dc in final st.  Turn work. (35 pattern repeats total)

R3: ch4, sk first 2 ch-sps, (dc, ch2, dc) into next ch sp, *ch3, sk2 ch-sps, (sc, ch3, sc, ch3, sc, ch3, sc) into next ch sp (between dc’s), ch3, sk2 ch-sps, (dc, ch2, dc) into next ch sp repeat from *to end, finish with a dtr into either ch5 (1st row 3) or ch2 sp between dc’s (all remaining repeats). Turn work and sl-st into dtr just made, sl-st into ch2 sp, sc into ch2 sp.

Repeat row 3 until the piece has decreased to the penultimate row – there will be two (dc, ch2, dc) sets.

Final row: ch4, sk first 2 ch-sps, (dc, ch2, dc) into next ch sp (this will be the central ch-sp), ch4, sk 2 ch-sps, sl-st into final ch-sp, fasten off.

You may wish to mark the centre ch-sp in the final row with a st marker.

Main section of Summer Sprig Lace Scarf


The edging is worked in two sections – a simple square mesh followed by a scalloped, picoted edging.

The mesh is worked by working 2 dc into every ch4 sp, and 1 dc into every ch2 sp as you work along the edge.  The dc’s are all separated by a ch2.

Re-join the yarn to the end of the long edge on the foundation row.

R1: Ch3 (counts as 1dc, ch1), dc in same space, ch2, dc in top of ch3 of first row on main body, ch2, dc in ch2 sp (i.e. on second row of main body).  *ch2, dc, repeat from * all the way along the edge working 2dc in each ch4 sp (dtr post counts as ch4) and 1 dc into each ch2 sp.

At the central ch sp, work 2dc (separated by a ch2) and then continue in pattern along the second edge until 2 ch-sp remain.  You should have just worked a dc into a ch2 sp.

Ch2, dc into next ch sp, ch2, dc into the corner of the foundation row, ch1, dc. (211 ch-sps)

R2: Ch5 (counts as dc, ch2), turn, dc in next dc, *ch2, dc in next dc, repeat till centre ch-sp, ch2, dc in centre ch-sp, ch2, dc in very next dc, *ch2, dc in next dc, repeat to end (212 ch-sps).

R3: Ch5, turn, dc in same st, *ch2, dc in next dc, repeat till centre dc, work an extra ch2, dc in central dc, *ch2, dc in next dc, repeat to end, ch2, dc in same st (215 ch-sps).

The mesh section is now completed.  The final 3 rows make the scalloped edging.

R4: ch1, turn, sc in same st.  *Ch4, sc in next dc, repeat from *to end (continue to mark the centre ch-sp).

R5: Ch4, turn, sc in ch-sp, *8dc in next ch sp, sc in next ch-sp, ch4, sc in next ch-sp, repeat from *until there is one ch-sp left before the central one, 8dc in next ch-sp, sc in central ch-sp, 8dc in next ch-sp, **sc in next ch-sp, ch4, sc in next ch-sp, 8dc in next ch-sp, repeat from ** until there is one ch-sp remaining, sc in final ch-sp.

Special st- Picot: Ch4, sl-st in 3rd ch from hook, ch1

R6: Ch2, turn, dc in same st, ch4, sk first two dc, dc, picot, sk2 sts, dc, *ch4, sc into ch-sp, ch4, sk next  two dc,  dc, picot, sk2 sts, dc,  repeat from * to central st, ch1, picot, ch1, sk 5sts (two dc, one sc and two dc) dc, picot, sk 2 sts, dc, ch4, sc into ch-sp, **ch4, sk next  two dc,  dc, picot, sk 2 sts, dc, ch4, sc into ch-sp, repeat from ** to end.

Fasten off and weave in ends.

Blocking out the Summer Sprig Lace Scarf


I recommend wet blocking for this item.

I found the pretty sprig pattern and picot edging really benefitted from blocking.  If you stretch out the main pattern of the scarf you can see how blocking it out will help show off the stitches!  I made sure I stretched mine out a little whilst wet, particularly width wise.

Before and After blocking

It does take a bit of patience to pin out the picot edging, but it is worth it!

My finished scarf was 146cm long and 26cm wide pre blocking, and 166cm long and 34cm wide post blocking.  So you get a larger scarf too by blocking it out too!

Ways to wear Summer Sprigs Lace Scarf

Downloadable pdf patterns:

Summer Sprigs Lace Scarf US

Summer Sprigs Lace Scarf UK

Summer Sprigs Lace Scarf Diagram