Chevron Stripe Bracelet

I love projects which use things I already have.  This is a cool way of using up those left over bits of wool when you have finished a larger project.

I saw a necklace that used this construction method (which is knitted rather than crocheted) and wondered if I could make something similar using crochet.

Finished bracelet

Scroll down for pdf patterns! (US and UK notation)


The bracelet is made from two strips passed through each other to make the chevron pattern.   Each strip is made starting with a row of fsc, the chain part of which ends up in the middle of the strip so that each strip looks symmetrical when finished.

I used some left over wool and a size 4mm crochet hook.  The bracelet is 21cm long; modifications are given below if you need a smaller or larger size.

Strip 1 (I used white wool):

Row 1: fsc 38, ch 1, turn

Row 2: 37 sc across, 3 sc in last st (to turn corner), 3sc in side of last sc of row 1 (to turn corner again)

Row 3 is worked over the chain sts of the fsc row:

Row 3: (continue from row 2 without turning work) 6sc, *ch2, skip 2 sts, 4sc, repeat 4 more times, 2sc, ch1, turn

Row 4: sc across working 2 sc’s in each ch sp, ch1, turn (38 sts)

Row 5: 38 sc across, fasten off leaving a long tail

Strip 2 (I used blue wool):

Work as Strip 1 except row 3:

Row 3: 9sc, *ch2, skip 2 sts, 4sc, repeat 3 more times, 5sc, ch1, turn

Strips for bracelet

Finishing off:

Lay strip 1 on strip 2 with both right sides facing upwards and the tails of each at opposite ends.  Using the tail of strip 1 sc the strips together along the short edge.

Strips sc’d together at one end

Push strip 2 through the first ch sp hole of strip 1 (fold in half to make it look nicer- it’s easier this way too).  Then push strip 1 through the first ch sp of strip 2.

Strip 2 fed through strip 1…

… strip 1 fed through strip 2, and so on!

Continue in this way until all the end and use the tail of strip 2 to sc the strips together.  Do not fasten off, chain 5 (or however many you need to fit over your button) and slip st into the other corner of the piece to form a loop for the closure. Fasten off and weave the end in securely.

Sew a button to the other end.

Chain closure

Add a button at the other end. I like the combination of red with blue and white!


To make a longer or shorter bracelet, add or subtract multiples of 6 fsc at the start.  Row 3 will need extra or fewer repeats for each set of 6 sts added, on both strips.

This could work as a choker style but make sure your wool does not irritate your neck before you start if you go for this!

Back of bracelet

Downloadable pdf patterns:

Chevron Bracelet US

Chevron Bracelet UK


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