Children’s Hats

Girl’s hat

I like a quick project to make me feel productive.  I often find that in between big projects I want to keep busy but I don’t always want a challenging pattern.  Making hats (particularly child-sized ones) is pretty quick and also useful for when I need a baby gift.

The girl hats are based on a pattern from Ravelry which comes in two sizes and is easy to make bigger or smaller.  I got both hats from one ball of wool (Sirdar Crofter Chunky) and used a size 7mm hook (but it was close – I used a smaller hook for the flowers).

Girl’s hats

The boy hats are my own patterns which I just made up as I went along.  The chunkier ones are two strands used together (I used Sirdar Click in Seashell- I love the colours in this yarn).  I make a circle using hdc stitches (similar to the pattern linked to above but starting with 8-12 stitches in the first round, depending on wool thickness and hook size) then switch to dc stitches once the circle is the desired diameter.  I made the hats textured by using front post stitches which alternate each round.  The newborn size is single stranded and I added interest by crocheting in the back loops only to add ridges once I got to the dc stage.

I usually finish with a row or two of sc for a stiffer edge.

Boy’s hats


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